(Affiliated to All India Bank Retirees’ Federation)
Why CBRA & What is CBRA
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CBRA the Corporation Bank Retirees’ Association, is an affiliate of All India Bank Retirees’ Association (AIBRF). All India Bank Retirees' Association (AIBRF) is the largest Federation for retirees’ associations of all cadres, with a membership of nearly 2.50 lakhs.
AIBRF membership is widely open to retirees from the cadre of subordinate staff to retired top executives of the Bank means from Retired Part Time Sweepers to retired General Managers. 
As on 30.06.2022 eAndhra Bank retired employees are 13219, out of which 8605 are members of ABREA an affiliate of our AIBRF. 
Union Bank has retiree strength of 24000 out of which 10515 are members of AIBRF affiliate unit and around 2700 members of AIBPRAC affiliate and other splinter group. This indicates that there are approximately 10785 non-members of all cadres. In UNION BANK OF INDIA the AIBRF affiliated unit is having overwhelming majority and accordingly having a dominating role in joint talks with management. If you take into account the above data it can be said that in the amalgamated entity of UNION-ANDHRA-CORPBANK the AIBRF will play a significant role in shaping things in future of pensioners and Retirees. 
In present position, AIBRF is expected to continue its dominant role in joint talk in the amalgamated entity. 
Achievements so far..................... 
              ✔ Issue of Identity cards to the retirees under VRS also. 
              ✔ Issue of Pension Payment Order to all Pensioners. 
              ✔ Issue of PPO to the family pensioners also. 
              ✔ Loan to all pensioners with clear norms. 
              ✔ Loan facility to make payment of insurance premium. 
              ✔ Increase in ex-gratia payment to the surviving spouses of Pre 1986 retirees.
At all India level, the following issues are taken up:- 
                                                                 i)    100 % neutralization of DA for all pensioners.
                                 ii)    UPDATION of pension as applicable in Reserve Bank of India. 
                                iii)    Free IBA Medical Insurance up to a basic Sum of Rs.2 Lakhs to all Retirees