(Affiliated to All India Bank Retirees’ Federation)


The CBRA Welfare fund was launched with effect from 01.01.2018 for the benefit of the members.

  01.  All the life members of the Corporation Bank Retirees’ Association are the members of the Welfare Fund Scheme. They need not pay any separate subscription to become members of the Welfare Fund.

  02. All the members of the Welfare Fund have to give nomination details to facilitate the payment of benefits to the nominee without any difficulty.

  03. The Scheme envisages payment of Rs.10,000/- to the nominees of the members on their death. But at present the benefit is extended only to the retirees under the following category:

                  a) Part Time Employees
                  b) Family Pensioners
                  c) Sub-staff and Armed Guards

It is envisaged to extend the benefits to all members of the Welfare Fund, over a period of time, once the Corpus of the Welfare Fund is improved.

  04. It was resolved by the General Body during the Fourth All India Conference of our Association held at Bangalore on 11.11.2017 to augment the resources for the Corpus Fund through the following:

     a) By seeking donations from well wishers
     b) By seeking the help of CBEU and CBOA
     c) Voluntary contribution of one day pension every year to be

        paid in March based on the pension of February from                    the members of the Association.

We appeal to all our members to contribute liberally so that the benefits can be extended to all the members.