(Affiliated to All India Bank Retirees’ Federation)

   Com. V Bhageeratha  Shenoy 
    Founder of CBRA 

Corporation Bank Retirees’ Association (CBRA) is the organization for the retirees in our Bank. The initiative for the formation of CBRA was taken by the veteran leader in Kerala Com. V.Bhageeratha Shenoy and Com. H.G.Prabhu the leader of CBEU for many years. The formation of CBRA was necessitated, as the then existing retirees’ organization was only for the officers. Even though, there is no cadre after retirement, still the existing organization, refused to admit the other retirees in their fold. The Association   was formed on 15th February 2011 and the first conference was held in Ernakulam with 30 retirees, mostly from Kerala, taking initiative and participating in it. 

The Association started to grow slowly and the second Conference of the Association was held in Salem in August 2012 and the membership at that time was 170. The Salem Conference gave a call to increase the membership and the Association, with the CBEU and CBOA advising the retirees to join the Association increased its membership.  As it is an all cadre retiree organization, even the retirees from Corporation Bank Officers’ Organisation started joining this Association. Only after the CBRA was formed, the grievances of the retirees were taken up. The Association took lot of initiative in organizing the retirees and settling the grievances of the retirees. The Association continuously took up the issues of the retirees with the Management by writing frequent letters and insisted that they be called for meeting so that the pending issues can be resolved. The first such meeting was held in 2012 and now two meetings in a year are conducted.  

The Association took up the issue of providing holiday home facilities to the retirees, issue of pension payment order incorporating the details such as the date of retirement, the amount of commutation, the date of restoration of commutation, spouse, who will get family pension etc. The Association also took up the matter of increase in ex gratia payment to the spouses of pre 1986 retirees, which has been implemented with effect from April 2016. The Association has been insisting that the pension should be credited on the last day of the month, instead of being credited on the first day of the next month. Apart from that, individual grievances of the retirees and common issues affecting the retirees are being taken up with the Management periodically.  

The Association held its third conference in Mangalore in November 2014 and by that time the membership was nearing 500. The third conference gave a call to enroll all the retirees who are non members and also those who are retiring every month to increase the membership to 1000. After 2017 Bengaluru Conference the membership started growing faster and as on date we have around 2500 plus members. 

The fourth Conference at Bangalore in November 2017 was a milestone conference. It gave the necessary fillip and direction to improve the membership, which was necessary to push our demands of updation of pension, improvement in family pension and other pending issues of retirees at All India level. The conference also decided to launch the CBRA Welfare Fund and formed a committee to frame the bye laws, the activities to be conducted by the Welfare Fund, the methodology to have the Corpus Fund which can take care of the activities to be undertaken. The Welfare Fund was launched with effect from 01.01.2018 and the activities undertaken are separately given in the write up of CBRA Welfare Fund.   

The 5th All India Conference of CBRA was held on 20th May 2023 at Udupi was a grand Success. More than 850 persons consisting of 600 plus delegates and 200 invitees attended the Inaugural Session. The Conference was very significant in view of the AIBRF’s directions towards the merger of its affiliated three units namely Andhra Bank Retirees’ Association (ABREA) our CBRA and Union Bank of India Retirees’ Federation. The General body gave its green signal for the merger of CBRA with UBIRF. The formalities have to be concluded before 31.12.2023 as per the advice of AIBRF. 

At All India level, Corporation Bank is affiliated to All India Bank Retirees’ Federation, which is now registered as a trade Union. Even though AIBRF represents more than 2.50 lakhs retirees, IBA has been giving a step motherly treatment to the retirees’ organization, which should be condoned. Even though UFBU is discussing the issues of the retirees, it is very important that the views of the retirees are heard, so that a meaningful solution can be achieved for the pending issues. The demand of 100 % neutralization of DA for the pre 2002 retirees, updation of pension, which has not taken place even once after the pension  settlement and a proper Medical Insurance Scheme for retirees are the main issues affecting the retirees and these are to be support